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Hi, finally updated journal after 2 years.
please visit my Facebook and follow me :)

Anyway,in between my work time in studio i always open for commissions. here are the sample of my works :

ALIEN INVADER book cover commission by macarious         Netrunner : The Hours Tick By by macarious         water path by macarious

Brahmastra concept character : Kumbakarna by macarious        Brahmastra concept character : Rawana by macarious        Brahmastra concept character : Anoman by macarious      Brahmastra concept character : Rama by macarious

The Tentacles Invasion ! by macarious

 If you interested with my art and want me to make artwork for you please note me in DA or email me for quick response at: 
well, finally i uploaded artworks again, after a long time.

some of my latest uploaded artworks made within 2010-1012.

lot of things happened in these years, lot of experienced, stupidity, ect.

anyways, its the past. lets start again!

oh, if someone interesting in my arts, i could do a commissions /freelance jobs. notes me or E-mail me

our latest products, please check  at :

FIX Facebook:…

OLIFE facebook :…

thx for visit..GBU
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too much input....and delayed output....

its has crystalized..

and its gonna sublime

to be something fresh...

and the words is not enough...

ah...merry x'mas again, my friends..

facing the tougher year, right?
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SOMEHOW,finally i get Dragonforce latest album, inhuman rampage.

juz listen the songs, its AweSome....

my fav:
-Soldier of wasteland
-trail of the brokenheart
-flame of youth

of course after:
trough the fire and flames
  • Watching: the mummy, harold n kumar escaping from ..
  • Playing: fifa manager 08, CS condition Zero
  • Eating: everything
  • Drinking: Sometimes, Coffemix
ehm.. i'm back..
oh...yes...welcome back... :)

noooo....i've get another problems.....
uhm... i hope everything gonna be okay....
can i submitt anything again?
ah... better play fifa manager again.... :p
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  • Reading: Fight Ippo 46
  • Watching: last one?nothing T-T
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  • Eating: everything
  • Drinking: Sometimes, Coffemix, and i miss beer...

must finish everything one by one, and At The Right Time.
thx God i still  can handle all of these stuff.
even  that to finish these, it will be not easy... ugh.. im feeling dizzy...
some minor internal problems always APPEAR...


but its okay, i hope...

Someone said life is for the taking
here I am with my hand out waiting for a ride

I've been living on my great expectation
what good is it when I'm stranded here
and world just passes by

where are the signs
to help me get out of this place

If I should stumble on my moment in time,
how will I know
if the story's written on my face,
does it show
Am I strong enough to walk on water
Smart enough to come in out of the rain
or am I fool
going where the wind blows
where the wind blows


-Goin' Where The Wind Blows-Mr.Big

just one of soundtrack of my life :)
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what up?
oh, i'm fine..
yeah welcome..
mmm...i got several personal and general plan projects.. whether it for practice, college duty, or events, hope find something useful....

yeah, we have to move forward,  take every possible opportunity.... time never gonna be back, right?
ugh.. and we will get older right? :tombstone: :tombstone:
so life goes on....
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hai everyone... sorry for longtime i haven't submitted anything..lot of homeworks at end of year..sigh... maybe before end of this month,or at new year i 'l upload several artworks... :p

see u at new year, again...

i got tagged from :iconnummernull:

1. Post these rules:
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

my 8 random facts

start from January 2008 i'l live at new house with my friends...hohoho..

i'm absolutely the one of Interisti all around the world

ILOVEINDON.......peace for IHATEINDON.....

when i upgrade my pc? A.S.A.P i wish....

When i play cool games? never since this year....T-T

low blood pressure....yeah,it sucks..

Global warming......what the hell is that?

i love scarlett Johanson

now i'm gonna tag
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  • Drinking: water!
hey, everybody, long time since i submitted last artworks. ok, finally i submitted again, huh? and my recently pics, was showing up at "insert characters" exhibition, Jogjakarta, the never ending asia..duh.. :P
after painfully worked at these pics, and of course more experiment with new style... i dont know, wheter i like the result or not.. how about you,guys?

soo.. i still walk in long journey of my life, next step, i wish i could do better and improving my work.
c u again...

the friends of me:
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sorry for not submitting any work..
my main character still in progress, damn, i can't finish it quickly...:stupidme:
i'm learning to draw more in semi realism, and then everything was so confusing me, until now.. because i had to change my style, and i must  be familiar with that..and of course became more hard, even slower my drawing speed  .that's not easy..duh...:bleh:

hope in September, everything will be better.. i'l finish some artwork as soon as possible.
see u!

keep our world healthy!

Some of my Friends :
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uh..well, the artwork for conceptMags design cover competition end up at top 33 from 1001...not really bad, eh?big Thanks to all of my friends that support me, especialy Eloi/Rambody.

yeah, this is my recent style of digital imaging, i like it, but even lot of people like that, umm... but after this, i still cant get whats next.. maybe i'l try different style..
in case that im not really productive as many designer/artist..and my work progress is sloowww... man..i still work for it,but for sure, it take long process..

last but not least, i still working on my own project, yup, some illustration. jeezz.. if im not do digital colouring, my hands will be rust and rotten! that take a long time since my last ilustration! lot of colouring technique that i already forget!

Thank for all of u who have been visited,watch and fav mine! that make me better!!
Jiao you! seeemangat! spirit!
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  • Watching: nah..
  • Playing: nah..dont have time 4 it!
  • Eating: Chocolate!working make hungry!
  • Drinking: Coffeemix
whats up everybody?
oh i'm will reaching my peak perfomance..
after past 3 weeks full of drawing,ilustration,design,that almost of all are my college im ready to make another artwork! even my body cant afford that, (lack of sleep..)i'l forced with my spirit...arghh..powered up!!!
for rest of this year will fullfil with lot of artwork! hope 4 that..
learning something new, and be more active n active. no time for lazying and wasting time!
last but not least, now in my gallery will and already be the gallery of my friend TOO,rambody aka Eloi.that mean not every artwork done by myself.that will make my page better.. : )
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noo....i havent submit anything.....
never touch my graphic tablet for months..
where oh where my artwork...
juz wait.. hope i could done first artwork in this year as soon as posible..
actually i still draw something n figure out how to do this better...
must chase something great...
hopefully... ;P
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  • Playing: the Sims2
hai 4 everyone who visit my page
ugh, now we are in end of the year.. how's your year? are u trough this year well?me?not really.but thx 2 God i stil can create and make some art,besides my weakness, thats all i could do,for now.
m, now i realized that do digital paint is really great, i feel that this is my way.even if i still cant do it faster.. btw im sorry that im not really active in DA. rare to give comments, forums, or anything else. coz lot of college activity and my lazyness...
this year i wasted some of my time with doing nothing.
hope next year we can do better and better..
last words..Merry x-mas n happy new year...!
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..........why still cant get ways to solve my weakness...
some deviant maybe have saw my gallery,and know my weakness,
one of that, my pics are look lifeless... wahat i mean, i cant pour what i imagine, the result is diferrent from what i tought  i will draw and paint.  hiks.. would someone help me?

.......yeah i know my skill is nothing now...but try to work it out.

oh, once more, did my last pic have some improvement, better from the others ,or not?

thx for the comment...
  • Listening to: mr.big
  • Reading: shin angyo onshi
  • Playing: roller coaster tycoon3
hi there..

my first journal entry..what should i say?
hmm, even in ,my lovely country lot of problems happened, but we, must walk foward..let it be,right?!
coz i believe that God have set a bright future 4 all of us whi believe in Him.
.second thing in my head now,that i must try harder to reach my target.
lot of great artist in DA,that made me motivated,
and warned me, dont be lazy! x( ugh..